The Border Chapter welcomes individuals involved in the processing and maintenance of law enforcement records and support services to become part of our chapter.

Who Can Join?

Anyone associated with law enforcement interested in the issues and topics related to police recordkeeping are invited to join us. The membership of this Chapter consists of Active, Associate, Life, Commercial, and Honorary members. 

  • Active Membership consists of management/supervisory personnel in charge of criminal justice records and any person who manages/supervises any support function of criminal justice agency records keeping.

  • Associate Membership shall be limited to non-management/supervisory personnel employed in criminal justice agencies or related professions, excluding vendors, who have an interest in the CLEARS organization and support its goals.

  • Life Membership. Any Active Member, who has served the Chapter with honor and distinction, and having retired from active employment, may be honored as a Life Member. 

  • Honorary Membership may be awarded to individuals who have provided exceptional services to the CLEARS Border Chapter.

  • Commercial Membership in the Border Chapter consists of any vendor whose business sells or provides products or services of interest to criminal justice agencies and who have an interest in and support the goals of the Chapter


Benefits of Joining

  • There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of CLEARS.

  • Share information and research related to police records processes and procedures and update of POST Records Manual. 

  • Legislative Committee monitors current legislation related to law enforcement records and dissemination of public information.

  • Networking on issues relating to personnel, procedures, technology, etc.

  • Friendships and alliances with professionals in similar positions throughout the State of California.

  • We have a great time when we get together and of course we have a common interest to support the professionalism of our agencies.


How Can You Join?

Fill out and mail the membership form... Download a 2022 Border Chapter Membership Application