The CLEARS Border Chapter was formed in 1983 and currently consists of approximately 30 members from two counties in Southern California which share the border with Mexico. We stretch from the Pacific Ocean in the County of San Diego to the flat land of Imperial County.

The Border Chapter is one of the smallest groups within the CLEARS organization. We have a dedicated membership who work diligently to keep each other informed on issues affecting law enforcement recordkeeping. 

The member agencies of the Border Chapter include Carlsbad PD, Chula Vista PD, Coronado PD, El Cajon PD, Escondido PD, Imperial County Sheriff, La Mesa PD, National City PD, Oceanside PD, San Diego Harbor PD, San Diego Sheriffs Office, San Diego State PD, University of California PD, ARJIS and SANDAG.

One of the most regionally friendly counties, San Diego has established unique law enforcement databases that share information throughout the County of San Diego. The focus of our monthly meetings is training and networking with each other.

Our members know that they can call on one another for expertise, sharing of information on technology and record management issues that we face. We value our association with each other.

Our monthly training meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of every odd month.

The Border Chapter welcomes individuals involved in the processing and maintenance of law enforcement records and support services to become part of our chapter.

Who Can Join?

Anyone associated with law enforcement interested in the issues and topics related to police recordkeeping are invited to join us. The membership of this Chapter consists of Active, Associate, Life, Commercial, and Honorary members. 

  • Active Membership consists of management/supervisory personnel in charge of criminal justice records and any person who manages/supervises any support function of criminal justice agency records keeping.

  • Associate Membership shall be limited to non-management/supervisory personnel employed in criminal justice agencies or related professions, excluding vendors, who have an interest in the CLEARS organization and support its goals.

  • Life Membership. Any Active Member, who has served the Chapter with honor and distinction, and having retired from active employment, may be honored as a Life Member. 

  • Honorary Membership may be awarded to individuals who have provided exceptional services to the CLEARS Border Chapter.

  • Commercial Membership in the Border Chapter consists of any vendor whose business sells or provides products or services of interest to criminal justice agencies and who have an interest in and support the goals of the Chapter


Benefits of Joining

  • There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of CLEARS.

  • Share information and research related to police records processes and procedures and update of POST Records Manual. 

  • Legislative Committee monitors current legislation related to law enforcement records and dissemination of public information.

  • Networking on issues relating to personnel, procedures, technology, etc.

  • Friendships and alliances with professionals in similar positions throughout the State of California.

  • We have a great time when we get together and of course we have a common interest to support the professionalism of our agencies.


How Can You Join?

Fill out and mail the membership form... Download a 2022 Border Chapter Membership Application


The formation of the Border Chapter in 1983 was due to the vision of many who knew there was a need for another chapter in the southern California area. Southern Chapter's President, Fred Preble was instrumental in organizing the new chapter. As  previous members of the Southern Chapter, Border Chapter members traveled many miles to attend meetings in Los Angeles and Orange counties . . . traffic wasn't any better 20 years ago and the distance became an obstacle for many agencies in our area.

The goal of the new chapter became three-fold:

  • To Increase participation at meetings,
  • To Increase membership,
  • To localize the meetings.

Founding members included:  Richard Hudnall, Sheila Tarvin, Cathy Balzum, Sue Roos, Connie Sprunk, Ruby Nealges, Pat Fernandez, Billie Bohannon, Pearl Owens, Eleanor Clapp, among others.

Most of these members have since retired from law enforcement.   Many have kept active within CLEARS and the BORDER Chapter and are a continued valuable source of information for our newer members.


1983 Richard Hudnall UCSD Police Department
1984- 85 Sheila Tarvin Carlsbad Police Department
1986 Richard Hudnall UCSD Police Department
1987- 88 Sue Roos Chula Vista Police Department
1989 June Stuart San Diego Sheriff's Office
1990 Dennis Kessinger UCSD Police Department
  Billie Bohannon El Centro Police Department
1991 - 92 Billie Bohannon El Centro Police Department
1993 - 94 Cathy Balzum Oceanside Police Department
1995 Rosemary Bergman Kolanda National City Police Department
1996 - 97 Barbara Neilson El Cajon Police Department
1998 Carmelita Hawkins San Diego Harbor Police Department
1999 - 2001 Delphine Smith Carlsbad Police Department
2002 - 2004 Heather Kenney San Diego County Sheriff's Office
2005-2009 Delphine Smith Carlsbad Police Department
2010 Angela Ellis San Diego Sheriff's Department
2011-2014 Cathy Osgan Oceanside Police Department
2015-2016 Shannel Honore El Cajon Police Department
2017-2018 Jennifer Kelly Oceanside Police Department
2019 Shannel Honore El Cajon Police Department



Heather Kinney County of San Diego
Sabrina Cota San Diego State University Police
Melba Bradley San Diego SO, Retired
Angela Ellis San Diego SO, Retired
Mary Garcia    UCSD, Retired
Delphine Fisk Carlsbad PD, Retired
Kathy Klick San Diego PD, Retired
Heather Kinney San Diego Sheriff's Dept.
Liz Foster Escondido PD, Retired
Rosemary Kolanda National City PD, Retired
Cathern Balzum OPD Retired
Billie Bohannon El Centro PD, Retired
Eleanor Clapp Escondido PD, Retired
Joan Copeland SDSP Retired
Richard Hudnall UCSD, Retired
Norv Krager SDSO Retired
Paul Pane DOJ
Lee Riley Escondido PD, Retired
Susan Roos Chula Vista, PD Retired
Sheila Tarvin Carlsbad PD, Retired
Jonell Wareham Imperial County SO, Retired
Sue Roos Chula Vista PD Retired
Ruby Neagles San Diego SO Retired



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